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Paneer Karhai

Table of contents.

Home made recipe from FDT. This is a basic desi karhai receipe which can be used as the base for anything.


  1. 5 largish tomatoes
  2. big piece of ginger - cut into long strips
  3. 4 chillis cut into semi-large pieces (4 green or 2 green and 2 red)
  4. plain yoghurt
  5. coriander, heaps of it (chopped)
  6. optional: paneer or tofu or vegetables (cooked separately and added at the end)
  7. optional: boil eggs, slice in half and add towards the end


  1. chilli power to taste - just a dash
  2. coriander powder
  3. zeera
  4. salt


  1. use a frying pan with a lid (or a wok) - though lid is not really needed
  2. heat oil
  3. add tomotoes
  4. add ginger and chillis right after
  5. add spices right after
  6. stir then put a lid on for it just a bit
  7. remove lid & add 2 tablespoons of yoghurt
  8. fry without the lid until it turns back into tomatoe colour (the yoghurt will dissolve) - about ten minutes
  9. add in the paneer or tofu or veggies here (stir fry the veggie or tofu first)
  10. cook about 1-2 minutes more
  11. sprinkle coriander and fry for 30 seconds

Presto, done. Serve with nan, roti, chawal, whatever.,

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