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this is my site

Hi, I’m Khalid, data scientist in the making.

After my MBA, I worked in investment analysis for a time, which led me to work with humongous spreadsheets and VBA, which led me to think there has to be a better way to crunch numbers… which led me to python.

Some of the more useful learnings I did along the way:

Harvards CS109 data science class - this was a comprehensive introduction to data science, and covers a lot of ground from intermediate python all the way to different machine learning techniques and neural networks.

Udacity’s ND101: Deep Learning Nanodegree - covered Keras and TensorFlow, convolutional and recurrent networks, deep reinforcement learning, and GANs. - Too many moocs have too many videos. I like text, and this is a great way to learn data science through a series of projects. Their marketing material is pretty accurate:

You’ll learn how to think like a data scientist. You’ll learn how to solve problems like a data scientist. You’ll work on the same projects a data scientist works on. And eventually, you’ll become a data scientist.