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Techfugees Sydney Hackathon 2018

Table of contents.

This hackathon is about developing tech solutions to the challanges refugees face.


hackathon themes

Dour - works wth SSI. Works with communities to empower ppl to change their lives - 800+ staff. Spoke about themes for the hackathon:

Refugee stories

Mentors for teams to understand the usefullness of what they're building:



engineer lady


Salima and ? (from Afghanistan)

My idea: AikBot

There are lots of things people are working on, as well as tons of existing information out there.


Have a simple, easy to use way to ask questions about services available, and where possible help the user to use them by asking questions relevant for that service and filling out the form (or sending the relevant link).

More advanced:


[x] get prototype up and running [ ] setup python/flask powered API endpoint which takes in data and returns answers, forms etc [ ] TALK TO THE RIGHT PPPL then [ ] make a top ten list of useful qs the bot can answer and put info in airtable/gsheets - scholarships, schools, nearby services - list of useful free apps for migrants and what they can do


look at


the belong program

help migrant children integrate in schools


Amplify/Unify techfugees website & outreach

recruit refugees from where they are

sheila caceres

young h4ck3rs



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