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Table of contents.

If a new mac, just copy paste the script below and go, otherwise consider a re-install if on a crusty handmedown.

Do the setup

copy paste this line into terminal on any mac big sur or newer and it will setup and install almost all the things:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

And thats it! After a restart it should be ready to go. The setup script is pretty self explanatory.

The only thing I left out was python, which I'm installing through mambaforge if necessary.

Install the latest macOS (if needed)

If starting with an old mac, I recommend doing a factory reset and installing the latest macOS.

Power on the mac and keep holding down Option/Alt + Command + R until a spinning globe appears. This boots you into recovery mode and offers to reinstall the latest version of OSX, which for me is Big Sur, with Monterey dropping in late '21.

I had to format the disk before installing as the installer wasn't recognizing it. The eraser defaulted to the old MAC disk format, change that to AFPS with scheme GUID Partition Map.

Also see:

old stuff below

Older notes below, no longer needed as the setup file does all this.

manual tweaks

App setup

homebrew aka easy install apps

homebrew installs all the packages.

Install it by pasting this in a terminal:

essential apps

My script above installs them all in one go.


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