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Linux setup

Table of contents.




vs code

curl -L > vscode.deb
sudo apt install ./vscode.deb

Useful plugins:

markdown app

Currently I'm using Caret - a chromeos text editor app which runs lightening fast.

vs code can handle markdown nicely, but it be slow. I prefer or for markdown and vs code is for coding. BUT all these apps are based on electron.

Install Caret by downloading the latest beta release .deb and:

sudo apt install ./caret-beta.deb

Install Typora - haven't tested this out, especially adding repo. Apparently you have to sudo apt install software-properties-common first before adding a repo.

# add Typora's repository
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb ./'
sudo apt update

# install typora
sudo apt install typora

install anaconda for a better python



Step 1: install nvm, a script to install nodejs

curl -o- | bash

step 2: install nodejs itself by:

nvm install node

make the terminal nicer to use

this is really important, cause if the terminal doesn't look like something out of a movie, are you really doing something?

I'm using Tilix, install by

sudo apt -t stretch-backports install tilix

multiplex all the things

If using Tilix, no need to do this, but for the native terminal, install tmux:

sudo apt -t stretch-backports install tmux

the only thing I really do with tmux is to split the terminal horizontally, then splitting one horizontal terminal vertically, for a total of three windows. Now there is a lot more about sessions and whats not, but the bare basics are:

start tmux by typing tmux, then press ctrl+b to enter command mode. " splits the window horizontally and % splits it vertically. To move around, press ctrl-b arrow-key

For more customizatoin, make a .tmux.conf in the home directory and add:

# Enable mouse mode (tmux 2.1 and above)
set -g mouse on

jazz up the shell

Consider oh-my-bash or bash-it for hacker level coding.

also install powerline-fonts and select a powerline font for the terminal.

sudo apt -t stretch-backports install fonts-powerline

Useful shell tools:

tldr shows a short and useful help page for commands, e.g type tldr curl to get a synopsis of how to use curl.

bat a replacement for cat, displays files with syntax highlighting in the terminal. Install by downloading the .deb and sudo apt install ./bat_file.deb.

Download all my git repos

This command will grab json output of the first (or last?) 200 repos in my github and git clone them all one by one into the directory this command was run.

curl -s | grep \"clone_url\" | awk '{print $2}' | sed -e 's/"//g' -e 's/,//g' | xargs -n1 git clone
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