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Quarterly Essay 81: Getting to Zero - Australia’s Energy Transition

Table of contents.

This QE gently and clearly explains the current scientific consensus on global warming and that it is an urgent crisis which Australia needs to tackle. It then lays out specific ways using today's tech (solar, wind, storage and gas) by which the transition can occur.

global warming

the technology

Tech we can't use:

Solar and Wind

This leaves us with solar and wind, which are very different from traditional generators in that fossil fuel generators are synchronous, while solar and wind are non-synchronous. Electric grids were designed for synchronous generators.



Pumped Hydro


Natural gas

Other Emitters

stationary energy

Mobility sector

Energy export


Renewables are here and change can happen very quickly. Australia risks being left behind if it isn't ambitious.

Alan ends on the hopeful note that Australia is well positioned to both transition itself to renewables and export clean energy.

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